Linda Silverstein

About Linda:

  • Retired from: Hilliard City Schools after 35 years of teaching science
  • Member of the FOL Board since 2015
  • Other activities or hobbies include reading, gardening, walking, and shopping.

What the library means to me:

  • A place to browse for interesting books
  • Book clubs that encourage me to read books that I never would have picked up, let alone checked out
  • Wonderful supporting people in those book clubs who are there because they also have a love of reading
  • A place to try out crafts that I would never try at home, with supporting people who also enjoy doing that kind of thing
  • Meeting with others, patrons and staff, to play games once a month at the Daily Growler, it is like going to a party with really fun people
  • Getting to know the staff and interacting with them
  • Having somewhere that is always my warm, fuzzy, safe place.