About the Friends

The Friends is a non-profit, all volunteer organization whose mission is to advocate for and raise funds to support the Delaware County District Library programs & services.

We advocate for the library at community and business events.  

We sponsor events such as: adult and children author visits and writers workshops to help promote literacy.

We also support the library’s Makers Annex.

Money Raised & Provided

Volunteered Hours

Building a Literary Community

Formed in 2007, the Friends of the Delaware County District Library is a non-profit organization that supports the mission, services and needs of the Delaware County District Library (DCDL).  We attempt to focus public attention on the DCDL and its many contributions to the Delaware County community.

The Friends raise funds through our volunteer service by hosting book sales, author visits and children’s events and through membership dues and donations.  In 2019, we awarded over $30,000 in grants to the Delaware County District Library.   DCDL grants help support the Summer Reading Club and other library initiatives.

Remember when you Join, Donate or Volunteer with the Friends you support all four DCDL branches: Delaware, Orange, Ostrander and Powell.  We are always looking for volunteers to help with our Friends initiatives and activities.  

Meet the Board

Karen Cowan - President

Contact Karen:president@delawarelibraryfriends.org

About Karen:

  • Member of the FOL Board since 2011
  • Served on the Board of Trustees Delaware County Historical Society

What the library means to me:

  • A great organization that promotes the skills and abilities to foster an enlightened society.

Cheryl Stagg - Treasurer

Contact Cheryl: treasurer@delawarelibraryfriends.org

About Cheryl:

  • I am retired from Motorists Insurance Company and currently working as a consultant.
  • I first joined the Board in 2009 and have served as chair on several committees over the years. Presently, I am serving as Treasurer and a Finance Committee member.
  • I enjoy reading, playing chess and visiting my son and family in the Deep South

What does the library mean to me:

  • My first memory of going to the library was a small house in my hometown of Pass Christian, MS. l can still smell the rooms and books from that childhood
    memory. Reading books has been a lifelong love and way to broaden my horizons.

Penny Mong - Vice President

Contact Penny: vicepresident@delawarelibraryfriends.org

About Penny:

  • Retired from Columbus Public Schools but still work part time as a substitute teacher and mentor.
  • Member of FOL since it’s inception

Other activities:

  • Keeping up with the endless task of eliminating weeds out of my garden.
  • Walking my Doxie.
  • Exploring my family Genealogy.

What does the library mean to me:

  • The library is my source of new ideas to explore, recipes to try, endless materials that foster reflection, relaxation, air chair travel, music to sooth and stories
    to make my daily drive seem shorter, all wrapped up in a box that can be endlessly filled.

Linda Silverstein- Secretary

Contact Linda: secretary@delawarelibraryfriends.org

About Linda:

  • Retired from: Hilliard City Schools after 35 years of teaching science
  • Member of the FOL Board since 2015
  • Other activities or hobbies include reading, gardening, walking, and shopping.

What the library means to me:

  • A place to browse for interesting books
  • Book clubs that encourage me to read books that I never would have picked up, let alone checked out
  • Wonderful supporting people in those book clubs who are there because they also have a love of reading
  • A place to try out crafts that I would never try at home, with supporting people who also enjoy doing that kind of thing
  • Meeting with others, patrons and staff, to play games once a month at the Daily Growler, it is like going to a party with really fun people
  • Getting to know the staff and interacting with them
  • Having somewhere that is always my warm, fuzzy, safe place.


Bobbie Feigenbaum - Board Member

About Bobbie:

Originally from New York, Ohio has been my home for the past 37 years. I was fortunate to be the Director of Research and Reference for the law firm Roetzel & Andress in Akron for over 25 years. After retiring in the spring of 2020 my husband Bob and I moved to Lewis Center to be closer to our family.  We enjoy exploring the beautiful local parks with our dogs Munch and Scout who have me very well trained in dispensing dog treats and belly rubs. I also enjoy cooking and crafts. My lifelong love of reading and appreciation of libraries led me to become involved with Friends group.

Brad Cowan - Fundraising Chair

Contact Brad: fundraising@delawarelibraryfriends.org

About Brad:

  • Retired after 40 years from Chrysler Corporation
  • Member of the FOL Board since 2016


  • Volunteering for Delaware County Historical Society
  • Traveling
  • Photography
  • Grandchildren

What does the library  mean to me:

  • To me the library is a place where people can learn, can
    relax, can find solace, and working to help the library allows me to give back to the community.


Catlin Frazier- Fundraising Co-Chair

About Catlin:

A resident of Delaware County since 2011. Catlin is active in the community, participating in a volunteer capacity for various causes that support the community. She is a Human Resources professional with over 12 years of experience in both the public and private sector, and in 2017, was recognized by my current organization, with a global service excellence award named among 30 professionals in the organization from 27 countries.

In my free time, I enjoy volunteering at the Delaware County Fair and as an elections poll worker with the Delaware County Board of Elections. As a part of the Friends of the Delaware County District Library Board, I am proud to support the work of our amazing library system and promote their efforts on behalf of our community. 


Doug Wilson- Finance Chair

Contact Doug: dwilson@richwoodbank.com

About Doug:

  • 10-year resident of Delaware County
  • For the last 15 years & currently, he has worked in the financial industry
  • Serves as the Financial Committee & is responsible for the budgeting process of the FOL, working closely with the Treasurer

Doug coaches his daughter’s traveling softball team, which he’s done for 8 years.  Good music, playing hockey, and spending time with his family are what keeps him busy outside of work.  

Additionally, Doug serves on several local non-profit boards & is very involved in his community.

Jenny Ford- Membership Chair

Contact Jenny: membership@delawarelibraryfriends.org

About Jenny:

  • Jenny is a resident of Powell and has been instrumental in refining our Membership tracking and related reporting. Before retiring, Jenny spent 18 years at Scotts working in supply chain, with leadership roles in planning, procurement, and contact manufacturing. Jenny also enjoys hiking, cooking, travel, and reading; she spends her spare time with her husband Dave and dog Shep. 


Our Auxiliary Members

Amy Chapman
Alyxon Frazier
Donna Jackson
Karen Miller
Kathy King
Lynn Hilman
Mary McMurray

Michelle Raker-Morris
Morgan Millard
Pat Henahan
Ray Meyer
Stella Dickman
Sue Chaney